Our Beliefs

As a Celtic Christian ministry, Celts On Fire not only believe in the redemptive message of the gospel, but feel called by God, to focus particularly on those nations and people groups throughout the world who would claim a Celtic heritage.

The ministry in no way tries to add to the accepted work of salvation as understood by the death of Jesus the Son of God on the cross for our sins and His resurrection to eternal Life. Neither does it seek to elevate the Celtic people to something they are not, to the cost or marginalizing of any other child of God. But rather seeks to awaken again the ancient call of God within the Celts as seen in the lives of the Celtic Saints but with a relevant expression to the 21st century.

Celts On Fire Ministry plans to go wherever there are people in the world who would claim or acknowledge a Celtic inheritance. This not only includes nations such as Ireland, Scotland and Wales that we have come to readily accept as Celtic people, but also The Isle of Mann, Cornwall and parts of France. Looking even further a field, we must also include such places as the United States America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and we have recently heard of a group of people in the Prague who claim a Celtic heritage going back to 250BC. All of these peoples need to first of all hear the gospel and then be encouraged to take their place in the body of Christ to fulfil the Great Commission and so that the words of the Book of Revelation (every tribe and nation) will be seen in that great day.

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